ZenMaster NFT Profiles

ZenMaster NFTs are companions you can redeem to unlock access to the Zenverse and exciting new ways to earn. Once living digitally within the meditation app, Zenbase, ZenMasters are now tapping into their higher consciousness and experiencing self-realization. But in their newly discovered free time, all they wish to do is meditate.... and earn Zentoken.

A small minting fee in Polygon (POL) is required to redeem your ZENT for a ZenMaster NFT, which can be purchased in our marketplace.


  • Chakras Your ZenMaster is aligned. He will meditate and earn ZENT passively for you over 24 hours each time his owner logs in to the Zenbase app.

  • Diamond hands Presents the occasional opportunity to win additional ZENT in the Zenbase app.

  • Gaia These legendary ZenMaster NFTs allow owners to minimize the app while listening to Zenbase.

  • Happy Receive ZENT rewards for journaling without needing Zenbase Premium.

  • Hearts Earn 15% more ZENT from Earning Team bonus instead of 10%. Sometimes sends iPhone and Android notifications to your friends telling them you love them.

  • Levitating For Creators, owning this NFT will move your music to the top of the list when the Zenverse votes on its next meditation session.

  • Psychedelic Owning this NFT trips out the app and will sometimes give you a free week of Zenbase Premium.

  • Sad guru Your ZenMaster is frantic. Depending on his mood, he might triple your rewards or give you zero.

  • Third eye Your ZenMaster sees all. He will encourage inactive friends on your Earning Team to use Zenbase. If your friends respond and participate in a wellness activity, you will earn the same amount as they do, even if you're not using the app at the same time.

  • Wings For Creators, owning this NFT will occasionally move your content to the 'Best New' sections in the Zenbase app.

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